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Welcome to IPG Connect


Our broad communications expertise can offer clients 360º integrated strategies that reach beyond print into digital media.
We help our clients connect with their consumers on a day to day basis in ways that add true value.
We are agile, proactive and client-focused providing reach and response in all your communications.
IPG Goals


To achieve excellence in all we do. Build valued and sustainable client relationships. Stay one step ahead of our competition by innovation with smart communication solutions. Apply sound sustainable production & workplace practices.
IPG Views


We are constantly evolving with changes in technology and consumer media trends so we can always respond to our clients’ needs. Our long-respected heritage in printing has taught us important fundamentals of good business communications. Now we apply those principles in new and exciting ways.
IPG Promise


We will not disappoint. Our commitment to a quality of product and service applies to all we do across all projects, large & small. We work closely with you to achieve your deadlines, your outcomes and within your budget.


Whether you have a print project or a digital media project, we have a highly qualified and experienced team backed by a wide range of equipment and facilities, ready to handle any project of any size.



IPG Print has always been at the forefront of print innovation and production technology. With our re-branding as IPG Connect, we have expanded beyond ink-on-paper and press production to offer digital publishing platforms and communication solutions.

We are 100% Australian owned and fully integrated with production capabilities to open new opportunities for our customers. We take the time to share our expertise to ensure each project or campaign is executed for maximum impact and efficiency. Customers appreciate having a single knowledgeable point-of-contact from quote through production to expertly manage their needs.

IPG Connect Capabilities

IPG Connect is all about bespoke solutions. Our products and services include:

  • Design and prepress services
  • Conventional offset printing
  • Colour digital printing
  • Variable printing
  • Binding: die cutting, foil stamping and embossing
  • Envelope production
  • Packaging production
  • Mailing and fulfillment
  • E-publishing and digital communications
  • Promotional Products
  • Publishing
  • Signage
  • Vehicle wraps

A brief history 1984 - 2000

1984  – John Stephan and John Gilbert started business as Interforms Pty Ltd a print brokerage concentrating initially on multi part business forms. Interforms goes on to establish a second business MTD Instant Print to service the growing demand for high volume photocopy product.

1990 Craig Walker and Rod McCall start Walmac Printing Pty Ltd after purchasing local Enoggera family print company Kelly Printing. Initially operating at Kedron with one GTO 46 single colour press.

1997 on October 1st Interforms Pty Ltd, Walmac Printing Pty Ltd and MTD Instant Print merge to form Interforms Printing Group Pty Ltd.

1998 MTD’s Milton premises are closed and all manufacturing is moved under one roof at Millway Street Kedron

1998 Neil McNamara joins the business as General Manager and implements our first on line print management system doubling the companies revenue over the next 4 years.

A brief history 2001 - 2014

2001 Interforms Printing Group rebrand as IPG Print – new look, new logo and an indication of the shift of the market away from forms style products.

2004 IPG Print install first HP Indigo press in Qld.

2005 IPG Print become a partner in print buying group Seam Solutions

2007 All operations relocate from Millway street to purpose built factory at Strathwyn St Brendale taking full ownership of Seam and incorporating it under one roof at Brendale. Seam director Brett Jenkins joins the board of IPG on the retirement of John Gilbert (Founding Partner)

2008 IPG Print continues to grow its digital and online offerings positioning the business as a market leader in Qld

2010 IPG Print establishes a design studio as called Breed and positions the studio in Ascot.

2011 founding partner John Stephan retires and Neil McNamara recently returned to the role of GM after working at several other print business joins the board as a director.

2012 Warwick Ward joins Breed as Director and spearheads its rebrand as Breed Brand Management.

2013 IPG Print installs the first HP indigo 10000 B2 press in Qld confirming our place the leading digital print supplier in Qld

2014 IPG Print rebrand as IPG Connect……


Established in 1990 we are now one of the largest employers in Queensland of graphic design, print & digital professionals. We can tackle any demand or deadline by working as one, cohesive, versatile team. Our extensive industry network helps us make the right connection to provide any communications solution.

Our Board of Directors

IPG Connect is a private company led by a team of four directors, each with over 25 years of print and business experience. They have grown and expanded IPG Connect to the industry leader it is today. Their passion for customer satisfaction and an active involvement in the day to day operation of the business continues to be part of IPG Connects success.

Our Digital Team

Staff at our graphic studio, deliver outstanding graphic art solutions for digital or printed materials as well as signage and brand identity. Many major brands and independent businesses put their trust in the hands of these talented, innovative professionals.

Our Sales Team

Including experienced Sales Executives supported by strong, technical Customer Service representatives. Between them they have a substantial collective knowledge on communication strategies that will suit your business.

Our Production Team

Our Production staff treat their trade as a “craft” and take pride in that craftsmanship, over the years this has meant numerous Queensland & National Print awards being awarded to the team for their excellence.


IPG Connect is an environmental advocate on many levels, from the papers and inks we use to the work methods we practice. We are committed to reducing waste and choose smart, sustainable options in everything we do and produce.

IPG Connect is accredited level 3 Sustainable Green Print…

Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is an Australian standard certification program designed to help printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance.

Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet the changing trends in best practise with regard to managing environmental responsibility with both client and business needs in mind.

IPG Connect has recently upgraded its rating in this multi-level system to SGP Level 3 and will continue to look for new and innovative ways to minimise our environmental impact

Our facilities and staff practice sustainability in the workplace…

Sustainability in the workplace is part of our culture

The facilities at IPG Connect have been updated and upgraded to reflect best practice in energy, water and waste management. Some of the more recent changes include:

  • An electrical monitoring device has been purchased to stabilise the spikes of energy usage, thus regulating electrical current and reducing overall Kilowatt’s used

  • The latest technology in waterless plate making has been introduced to our site which significantly reduces our water consumption

  • New energy efficient equipment has been purchased to replace ageing inefficient machinery

  • Time lag switches are fitted to all of our bathrooms to automatically switch lighting off when not in use

  • Crates for white paper waste have been positioned to maximise the collection of our recyclable paper and reduce the amount of paper we deposit to landfill

Our staff at IPG Connect practices day-to-day recycling at their desks, in the kitchen and on the factory floor. Our volunteer ‘Green Team’ sends out regular notices about how we’re performing as environmental stewards and offers suggestions on how we can improve. Every little bit helps, including:

  • Our 3-Tier Bin System (Paper/Recyclables/Waste) helps reduce landfill.
  • No paper/plastic cups in the workplace. Instead we offer a ready supply of IPG Connect imprinted mugs and glassware (that we can produce for you).
  • A4 office paper is used both sides for internal or draft purposes.
  • Security paper waste that has been shredded is supplied as animal bedding.
  • Photocopier ink & toner cartridges are refilled or re-inked
Sustainable Green Print - Cert no – L3/0057.2014


We make a difference in our community

Each year IPG Connect as a business is involved with a number of charity organisations to offer various means of support. Our staff members are equally keen to donate their time and energy to assist worth while causes.

We know we make a difference to these important initiatives in our community and continue to assist them with our services and financial support.

IPG Connect is proud to support:

The Second Chance Programme Fundraising Group

The Second Chance Programme is a group that raise funds to help women who have been made homeless get a second chance to take charge of their lives, to live with dignity and participate in the community.

IPG Connect has supported the Second Chance Programme Annual Fundraising event ‘Swing Into Spring’ each September since 2011. In 2013 the event raised $50,000 to go towards the need for accommodation and support for homeless women. There are nearly 25,000 homeless people in Queensland, 40% of whom are women. Our Account Manager Chloe Richardson is an active committee member and spends a tremendous amount of time helping organise this annual gala event, IPG Connect plays our part with a variety of donations both financial and in promotional collateral.

Cycle Mania

Our CEO Neil McNamara and General manager of Sales Michael O’Hara participate in many charitable bike rides throughout the year such as The Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride for the Heart Foundation, the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer for Qld Institute for Medical Research and Brissie to the Bay raising funds for MS Queensland.

The Endeavour Foundation Gala Fundraising Ball

IPG Connect continues to be a major sponsor of the Endeavour Foundation Gala Fundraising Ball now in its 63rd year. The 2014 event will be held at the Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane, hosted by Daryl Braithwaite with the theme Shooting for the Stars.

The Endeavour Foundation is non-Government, not for profit organisation based in Queensland that provides services and support for people with disabilities and their families. It is one of the largest non-government organisations in Australia supporting and providing opportunities for people with a disability. Endeavour supports around 3000 people with a disability through a mix of services and businesses at over 220 locations in Australia.

Multicap High Needs Disability Support

Multicap is a voluntary parent based community organisation established in 1962 by six families who could not obtain suitable support for their children with multiple disabilities.

Today over 600 families, including several of our founding members, access Multicap’s individual, respite, family support networks, opportunities, and programs at over 40 facilities in Queensland.

IPG Connect has supported Carols @ Multicap as an inclusive event for the entire community to enjoy along with people with high needs disabilities. Carols @ Multicap also provides an important opportunity for people living with a disability to showcase their talents in a celebration of song.

Lord Mayors Charitable Trust

IPG Connect is an active supporter of the Lord Mayors Charitable Trust donating a number of marketing and governance pieces to this long standing organisation. The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is a leading philanthropic organisation and the largest community foundation in Australia. Operating for 90 years this year. The Foundation aims to increase life opportunities and promote social inclusion through fundraising, partnerships and the distribution of grants to charitable agencies supporting people who are socially and economically disadvantaged.


Customer needs have always driven our business.  Meeting those needs with innovation and expertise is what helps us excel. Our six specialties deliver an end-to-end solution from first communication concepts to making your customers smile.

Print Solutions


Online Print Management


Warehousing and Logistics


Design Solutions


Digital Solutions


Signage Solutions


At IPG Connect we offer a large range of services, in both printed and online media.
Please click on the any of the above icons to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you.

Please follow this link to our Online Corporate Profile

HP Indigo 10000

IPG CONNECT is home to the



The HP 10000 adds a new dimension to print  possibilities with unmatched colour quality and production speed on a wide range of paper stocks or materials. The A2/B2 sheet size allows clients to create new and innovative communications pieces simply not available before. A great opportunity for them to stand out from their competitors. Ask us for a sample presentation.

Talk to us today about your project.

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How often has this happened to you…?

  • A new staff member – urgently needed a business card
  • Your current product catalogues show out of stock or deleted lines
  • Your brochures are missing your latest offers
  • POS Displays are out of date
  • A branch office needs more sales materials

IPG CONNECT uses custom built software systems developed in-house as part of our Print Management Solution to enable clients to manage their inventory in a cost effective manner. Through a simple shopping cart user interface with a powerful database and full integration to our production and delivery systems, you can see specific quantities and distribution history of all your print materials. As well as order short run Print On Demand items. These systems can be rolled out for use by a central procurement department or to any number of branches nationwide (with an approval process if required). This ensure control over your brand integrity as well as controlling purchase qty allowing a full range of reports to show usage patterns and identify cost savings.

Combined with our Warehousing & Logistics capabilities, clients find it easy and efficient to stay on top of their requirements. Best of all, keeping your inventory off-site means less overhead for storage, search and retrieval. Watch the demonstration video here. Then talk to us about putting Online Print Management to work for your business.




We have secure warehousing to handle both printed stock and a variety of custom products for our clients.

Why devote your resources to storage when you can use ours? Our systems allow us to ‘pick-and-pack’ exactly what you need: individual items, pallets or container loads. We distribute product down the street, across the country or around the world.

Ready and Reliable

  • Online ordering from purpose built 
portal IPG Connect
  • Secure modern storage facility
  • Client specific product locations
  • Competitive pallet rates
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Short- and long-term inventory

IPG Local or Global Logistics and warehousing solutions
Some of our major clients who trust us with their logistics & warehousing:



Design makes a difference. It begs your reader –your customer – to look, relate and respond to your message.

In business, design is about making a connection between your brand and your audience. Good design makes your offering relevant and appealing. We take pride in assisting our clients with a great design team to make graphic solutions work online, on paper or on your shopfront or your vehicle.

Have your own in house designers or use an agency? No worries, we work with leading ad agencies and graphic studios across Australia and respect their custodial responsibilities for your brand.

Let us help turn your next project into an effective communication campaign that makes the right impression and gets results. talk to us

IPG Design solutions



A recent report cites 73% of Australians aged 15 to 65 own a smartphone; with tablet ownership set to grow from 50% to 80% by 2018.[1] Are you riding this wave as another way of connecting with your staff & your customers?

We can help you create simple, fresh, informative content delivered on a user-friendly platform to increase your customer interaction. Our web solutions help drive visits, dialogue and conversion to sales. Each website or digital campaign is designed with your audience in mind and your business in the limelight.

Big or small, let us show you how to deploy an Ecommerce gateway to help you raise your profile and profits. Find out how to capture all your website visitors, turn them into your own database and build your business faster and smarter. talk to us




What benefits will an eDM campaign bring to your Company?

Emails can be customised with hyperlinks, registration forms and backend response capture mechanisms.

  • Quickly transform your text with pictures (jpeg files) into cut-through messages
  • Complement traditional direct mail (DM) campaigns
  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Reinforce your call-to-action sales, event or exhibition promotions
  • Collate customer information such as RSVPs or survey responses efficiently and cost effectively.


We offers online magazine and augmented document solutions.

Give the user the feel of a magazine with page flip animations and high quality text and images, all from the comfort of a computer screen, laptop computer, iPad or tablet, and even iPhones or Smartphones. These digital products either compliment or can be complimented by a printed product to further press the impact and produce a 360° campaign hitting all the key driver points of brand recognition.

Packed with added features to really bring the digital magazine to another level.


Promotional SOLUTIONS


It’s all about getting your name out there! IPG CONNECT can design and produce a range of innovative products to promote your business and keep it memorable. Promotional items from notepads to mousepads, coffee mugs to fridge magnets, flash drives to flashing signs, we’ve never met an idea we couldn’t deliver.

Does your signage stop traffic? We use our print and digital expertise on all kinds of materials for powerful displays. Signage like Billboards, Pull-Up Banners, Shop Fronts, Window Decals & Frosting are part of our vast selection of signage services. Simply talk to us about your ideas and we’ll do the rest with our network of specialists.

Spend a few hours surfing the web to find the latest promotional offering if you want or talk to us let us know what it is you want to achieve and let us work with you to achieve it and more.

Signage Portfolio



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